When they are installed properly, hardwood floors can add beauty and a sense of sophistication to almost any home. Well done hardwood floors can also add a significant amount of value to a home, and provide a level of durability and a distinct character that often improves over time with age. These days, a homeowner is able to accomplish more with hardwood floors than what they might have initially thought. A popular trend when it comes to hardwood custom flooring is incorporating intricate or decorative designs and patterns.

Creating a Boarder for Your Hardwood Floor with More Hardwood

Known sometimes as picture frame flooring, you can use contrasting wood widths and colors to create a frame around the perimeter of a room where hardwood flooring is used. This is a particularly useful trick if you have a large space that you wish to break up, essentially, into more distinct spaces where a wall isn’t available. Using a picture frame style when it comes to your hardwood flooring is able to add a dramatically beautiful flair to your home or a specific room, making a statement that is bold and stunning. This particular trend is also handy if you wish to highlight some unique structural detail in a particular room of your home. Some individual homeowners may also opt to use the picture frame style to create a continuous border throughout the perimeter of their home.

If you have the desire to spring for hardwood for the custom flooring options of your home and wish to incorporate the picture frame border style, but are unsure of how exactly to incorporate it into your home’s particular style effectively, put your trust in the professionals. With close to 20 years’ experience, Ross Brothers has the necessary experience and know-how to deliver the satisfaction and quality you want and deserve for your hardwood floors. Contact Ross Brothers today by calling 954-361-0771, and let us discuss your options with you today. We strive to deliver excellence to every job we do, no matter how big or how small.

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