Carpeted flooring does not have an infinite life span. It will be walked and stepped on constantly; accidental spills will happen; pets and children may also stain it, further tugging at and deteriorating its structure. The lifespan of a carpet can be prolonged by deciding to go with higher quality carpet, as well as performing regular maintenance, such as twice yearly cleaning and regular vacuuming. While these measures might prolong the lifespan, it will eventually end up expiring, being beyond the repair of even professional services for restoration.

Signs Your Carpet Should Be Replaced

  • Torn, ripped, or visible defects: Smaller rips and tears may not necessitate replacing the entire carpet. However, if there are many and significant tears, profuse discoloration, or matting, it can be a sign that your carpet has reached full maturity of its life and duration.
  • Stains that a professional cleaning service can’t remove: The longer a stain it left on a carpet, the harder it becomes to get rid of it. Accidents happen. Accidents tend to happen more frequently if you have pets or young children. Sometimes, you might be able to cleverly hide or disguise a stain with area rugs or rearranging furniture. However, when the stains have spread and there’s not much more you can do to hide them, it may be time to replace the carpet.
  • Padding issues: What essentially binds the fibers together in your carpet flooring is the padding. It also acts as a cushion between the surface of your carpet and the under-floor. You may start to notice uneven spots when it begins to wear out, particularly in high traffic areas. When the padding begins to wear out, it is safe to assume it is time to replace the carpet and the padding.

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