Flooring Art You Can Walk On

Because of its durability and the timeless appeal that it seems to have, the option of mosaic flooring is one that is gaining increased popularity in the décor of contemporary homes and custom flooring options. Mosaic flooring usually involves the durable material of tile, which can be long-lasting and easy to care for and clean. When you choose the option of mosaic flooring for any room in your home, you can expect easy cleanup with either a broom, a vacuum cleaner, and possibly some mopping with some warm, soapy water.

As Customized as You Like

A mosaic floor can become a work of art that you don’t have to feel guilty for walking on. When it comes to the installation of mosaic tiles, there are two methods that are most common: direct installation and indirect installation. Direct installation requires that all that be done is to apply a fast adhesive to keep the tiles in their place on the surface. Indirect installation is the method that is ideal when the mosaic designs are more intricate. The beauty of mosaic flooring is that you really can get as customized as you want.

When it comes to the popular material choices that are used to create mosaic flooring, an individual can use ceramic tiles, stone tiles, porcelain tiles, or even glass tiles. In fact, for the individual who loves hardwood floors and mosaic designs, you can sometimes even use a variety of different colors and widths of hardwood planks to create a hardwood mosaic design.

Contracting with an Expert for a Beautiful Result

It is possible to come up with a whole host of ideas for patterns and designs when it comes to mosaic flooring. However, when it comes to actually putting those ideas to reality, your best choice is to go with a contractor that has the skills and abilities to make what you want a reality. Ross Brothers Flooring is such an expert. Allow Ross Brothers to be the name you trust when it comes to giving you the mosaic flooring you want, as well as for all your flooring needs. Contact them today at 954-361-0771 in Broward or 561-320-8170 in Palm Beach County

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