The floors of your house are both the figurative and literal foundations of your home. With that in mind, you want to ensure that they are both as beautiful as can be, and as durable as possible. The flooring of your home is an investment that will go to both the overall value of your home, as well as ensuring that you will never have to tread too lightly within the safety and comfort of your sanctuary. As such, it is important to choose the right materials for your custom floors. More importantly, however, it is important to examine what the overall cost and the value is of purchasing the materials on your own (retail) and doing the work yourself, versus allowing the materials to be bought at a lower retail price or a wholesale price by a licensed and trusted general contractor and allowing them to utilize their experience and expertise to install the custom flooring in your home. In short, there are a few things that you need to consider when it comes to making the final decision of whether you will purchase the materials for your home’s flooring on your own, and do the work yourself; or if you should instead opt to allow the professionals to take care of everything for you.

What is the Flooring Project, Exactly?

Are you looking to make existing solid hardwood floors seem like new by refinishing them? Are you looking to tear out old and outdated and/or ruined linoleum or vinyl to replace it with newer material or another option? Do you need to remove old carpet? Do you need to install new carpet? Are you looking to convert a previously carpeted floor to hardwood? All of these things are factors you need to consider when making your decision. It is important to know what, exactly, you want accomplished.

What Is the Cost?

Money doesn’t grow on trees. At least, that’s what the majority of us have been hearing for the greater portion of our lives. Cost is an important factor to consider when you are looking to do your home’s custom floors. At first, you may think that purchasing the materials for your custom flooring- even at retail prices that can be as much as a 150% markup- might be cheaper than going through a general contractor. However, it is important to remember that if you end up doing it yourself, mistakes can end up costing significantly more money than what the overall cost would be going through a general contractor all the way.

Skill Is Important
If you are possibly still considering going the DIY route for your home’s custom flooring, you may want to consider how important skill level is.

  • How familiar are you really with basic home improvement projects?
  • Do you have any experience with installing flooring?
  • Do you have the skill and knowledge necessary to be able to operate any tools that may be needed safely, and are you able to handle the material properly?
  • Would you be able to know exactly what to do in the event that you run across a problem that you didn’t see prior to starting the project?
  • Do you enjoy tasks that are hard labor, and are you in a position (health wise) to or even desire to undertake such a task?

Should you decide that you would prefer to hire a professional contractor to handle the your home’s custom flooring needs, make sure to give us a call at Ross Brothers today by calling 954-281-7944 in Broward County, and 561-320-6098 in Palm Beach County.

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