When it comes to your bathroom or kitchen, you may have opted to go with tile for the material choice of the custom flooring. Provided you care for the tile properly and adequately, you can protect your investment and ensure that it provides you many years of reliable use and durability.

When it comes to tile flooring, the good news (and one of the top selling points) is the fact that it is relatively easy to care for. Like most things in life, the easiest thing to do is to stay on top of things so that small problems don’t quickly escalate into bigger (and potentially very costly) problems. Cleaning is no exception. You can preserve your floor by attacking smaller messes before the grime and dirt has a chance to really build up and get out of hand. Especially in textured tiles of a home, you may begin to notice that dirt and dust may begin to buildup on the floor. Failing to attend to it as soon as possible, however, can result in that dust and dirt becoming an abrasive to your tile that can ruin it. Sweeping your floor somewhat regularly can help loosen the dirt and remove it. If you have a vacuum that doesn’t have a beater bar (which can scuff, scratch, and chip tiles of a floor), you can even vacuum away the dirt and dust; this can make the upkeep a lot quicker and easier. Once a week, you will more than likely want to mop the floor with some warm water and a cleaner that is non-abrasive. Cleaners that are acid-based, or bleach, are not considered to be appropriate for use on tile flooring, as they can damage the tile.

Caring for your tile flooring isn’t all that difficult. When it comes time to do the tile flooring of your home, make sure you call Ross Brothers to ensure that the job is done right from the get-go, which will help to ensure the longevity of your investment. Ross Brothers will also let you know what the particular tile material you choose will require in the way of care, cleaning, and upkeep. Call us today at 866-804-9750.

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