Try as you might, there is simply no way around the fact that hardwood flooring has always been a beautiful and highly desirable option when it comes to the custom flooring of a home. Hardwood floors have the ability to add and increase the value of your home, as well as providing a durability that is difficult to match. One of the popular trends this year for hardwood floors is the option of using reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood gives a classic look and feel to a home, giving the impression of strength and perseverance; it gives the impression of something that will endure come what may. However, reclaimed wood might be more costly than what individuals are comfortable spending.

New technology is making strides, and newer factory-finished options are able to provide all the charm and appeal that one would expect from the option of reclaimed wood- such as the timeless look- at a fraction of the cost of truly salvaged lumber. In fact, when it comes to durability and its ability to stand up to fluctuations in moisture levels of a room and home, factory-finished wood may stand up better than other hardwood flooring options.

If your custom flooring budget will allow for true reclaimed, salvaged wood, it can truly be a beautiful option to consider. However, make sure to contact Ross Brothers at 866-804-9750 to discuss all of your options, including the more cost effective option of factory-finished wood. Like all hardwood flooring options, deciding whether or not hardwood of any sort is a viable option for your home is one of the first things you will want to take into consideration. An expert from Ross Brothers can work with you, and can offer advice on what all of your options are when it comes to custom flooring, and can assist you in making the important decisions of what materials, exactly, to use to achieve a look for your home that is beautiful, functional, and will add value and appeal to your living space.

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