As it is a simple process of fusing together two or more materials that are then sealed, laminate remains to be a flooring option that has numerous choices and options for the custom flooring solution in your home. The more popular choices that are commonly used in lamination are those of tie, stone, and wood. Really, almost any type of wood color or grain, or tile or stone, is capable of being captured for use in laminate.

Since the choices might seem quite limitless, this can create a dilemma for many customers, making it difficult to decide upon what choice will be best for them. The ability to choose can be made easier by separating the options for custom laminate flooring into the type of installation each option requires.

Installation Types

When it comes to how laminate flooring can be installed, the job can be accomplished in one of three different ways: Glueless-Click Laminate; Glued Laminate; and Pre-Glued Laminate.

With the Glueless-Click option, installation is easier, utilizing a method that simply “clicks” into place with the next piece of laminate. Generally, this makes the installation quicker.

With Glued Laminate, the joints will require being glued together piece by piece in order to hold. While it can be more time consuming, the end result typically yields the floor being quite strong once installation is complete.

With the Pre-Glued Laminate, installation combines the quicker installation like that of the Glueless-Click, combined with the strength of the Glued Laminate. The joints in this option have the glue needed pre-applied to them, and simply may need to only be moistened so that the glue is activated prior to their being joined together.

Laminate is a good option for those who want a durable floor in their home, but lack the money in their home improvement budget for more costly options. For any and all of your custom flooring needs, contact Ross Brothers at 954-281-7944. Let Ross Brothers’ nearly three decades of experience and expertise provide the quality and satisfaction you expect for any and all of your home improvement projects, no matter how big or how small.

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