When it comes to the custom flooring options for a home, laminate flooring is a popular and cost effective option that many homeowners might opt for. In some cases, laminate flooring is a home improvement project that many homeowners might choose to take the DIY approach towards. With the right information and tools, it is very possible to do the laminate floors of your home yourself. However, here are some possible and potential problems that can occur when it comes to laminate flooring that can often be related to not having the appropriate know-how or ability to do the job properly.


Peaking occurs when the floor boards of the laminate end up pushing against each other, which creates high points at the joints. This is likely to occur most often when the expansion space between the laminate floor and the walls surrounding the perimeter of the installation area do not have adequate space to accommodate expansion.


Usually, laminate flooring can buckle or become warped as a result of an insufficient moisture barrier being created, allowing water or dampness to rise from the subfloor as a result. Although, this issue has also been known to occur- and with some frequency- as a result of excessive water on the floor’s surface that is not dealt with immediately. Faulty plumbing or a leak in certain appliances (like a dishwasher) can also result in moisture build-up and/or water damage that can result in warping and/or buckling.

Chipped Corners

Damage to the laminate flooring in the form of excessive chipping to the corners of the material are a possibility. More often than not, one of the primary causes for this particular problem is a result of the method of installation that is used being one that is incorrect.

Ensuring The Best Possible Results for Your Home

In order to ensure that the best possible results are achieved for the custom flooring of your home when you choose laminate flooring, it is prudent to ensure that the job is done properly by experts that are familiar with and experienced in laminate flooring installation. Contact Ross Brothers today at 866-804-9750, and allow yourself the peace of mind of having the job done properly, which will minimize the risk of the potential problems that can arise with the use of laminate flooring.

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