Hardwood is a beautiful material to consider for your home’s custom flooring. Many individuals and experts might even say that the option of hardwood flooring is one of the greatest investments that a homeowner can make to their home. After all, it isn’t any secret that hardwood floors add a significant dollar amount to a home’s value. Hardwood flooring- especially when it is done right- also looks absolutely beautiful in a home, and gives a warmer and cozier feel to any house.

Hardwood flooring is also a very sound investment to make into a home, because it is a material that can offer many years as far as durability is concerned. However, in order to ensure that your hardwood flooring lasts, and that your investment is not entirely squandered, it is important to really understand how to properly care for your hardwood flooring.

You will want to make sure to sweep somewhat regularly, in order to clean up any debris, dirt, or possible dust. Not only is this important for the general care of your hardwood flooring, it is also just a good practice for over-all cleanliness of a home. You will want to make sure to avoid any sort of standing water or liquids, and be sure to dry up any spills as they occur to prevent damaging your floors. When necessary, you will want to avoid mopping the floor with an oversaturated mop. It is best to just spot clean when and where it is necessary using a damp rag. Certain spray mops- such as those like the Swiffer Wet-Jet- can also be used, provided your hardwood flooring has been sealed to resist water. You do want to make sure that you do not use any harsh chemicals or wax on the floors. You can further protect your floors from damage and scratching by placing protective pads on the bottoms of chairs and other pieces of furniture, and consider the use of area rugs or rug runners in areas that are more high-traffic, so as to be able to prevent against wear and tear.

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