When it comes to exploring your options for the custom flooring of your home, you may be aware of the sheer number of options that exist. The more popular options when it comes to custom flooring within a home include those of hardwood floors, carpeted floors, and tile flooring. Hardwood and carpet can be beautiful options; however they are limited in that they are not necessarily appropriate for every room in the home, such as the kitchen or the bathroom. The option of tile flooring, however, isn’t limited in that regard. Tile flooring can be just as appropriate in a dining room or a living room as it is in the master bathroom or the chef inspired kitchen. With a barrage of colors, materials, and sizes available, tile may be the best option for every room in your home.

Many people find stone tile flooring to be an option that can add a look of natural beauty and detail to a home. However, certain natural stone options- such as marble or granite- can be quite cost prohibitive for the budgets of many homeowners. There are other options available when it comes to natural stone, which can include the options limestone, travertine, and slate.


The surface of limestone tile is available in either a textured finish, or it can be polished smooth As it is a sedimentary rock, limestone is a less dense option than either marble or granite. The earthy appearance that limestone affords is available in both lighter and darker shades. Limestone can be stained easily, however, and is somewhat prone to scratching. As such, an individual might not find it to be entirely appropriate for an area like the kitchen, or in areas of the home that are particularly high traffic.


Travertine is actually another type of limestone. Its appearance has an earthy tone, but is unusual as it has an appearance that is crystallized. It is typically soft and porous; which means that it is susceptible to scratching or staining.


Extremely dense and exceptionally durable, slate is a type of metamorphic rock. Slate is usually available in earthy tones that are darker shades. Because of its durability, slate is an excellent choice for high traffic areas, kitchens, and even bathrooms.

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