When it comes to custom flooring, many individuals may decide to go with hardwood for the material used because of the significant value it can add to a home, as well as it being known as an exceptionally beautiful flooring option. Often, hardwood flooring can be a relatively costly investment. As such, a homeowner would more than likely want to ensure that they are protecting that investment, and not doing anything which may damage their hardwood flooring.

Here are four practical and useful tips for when it comes to caring for your floor so that its beauty lasts for years to come.

Make sure to protect your floor preemptively from any sort of damage.

You may wish to utilize furniture pads, or opt to go with chairs that have wheels on them to lessen the risk of the floor scratching when they move. If and when furniture must be rearranged, make sure to lift the furniture entirely rather than dragging or pushing it across the surface of the floor.

Pay attention to the feet walking on your hardwood.

Dirt you track into your home from the outside world on the bottoms of your feet can actually cause significant damage to your floor. Consider having individuals remove their shoes (and/or walk around in socks) at the door after entering your home.

You must make the time for maintenance of your floors.

You need to make sure that you are cleaning the hardwood floors of your home correctly and regularly if you want the hardwood’s quality and beauty to last.

Pets might be a hindrance.

If you have pets, you might want to ensure that their nails are kept properly trimmed, so that the risk of furry legs and feet running across the floor does not scratch or damage it.

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